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Following on from the success of the YouTube channel Plug Life Television, Dr Euan McTurk has founded Plug Life Consulting Ltd.

Plug Life Consulting is a brand new consultancy that helps academia, industry, business, media and government organisations with a wide range of projects within the world of battery electrochemistry, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and charging infrastructure.

Plug Life Consulting Ltd was founded by Dr Euan McTurk, a battery electrochemist who has been working with battery tech and driving electric vehicles since 2009.  During that time, he has worked with leading battery research groups at the University of Oxford and WMG on projects involving next-generation cell chemistries and the instrumentation of commercial Li-ion cells, and built up a state-of-the-art battery test facility in Edinburgh.  He has also launched the YouTube channel Plug Life Television, which explains complex battery electrochemistry in a way that anyone can understand; demonstrates how it is entirely feasible for entire nations to electrify their transport; and busts several myths about batteries and EVs.  In parallel to this, Euan has been heavily involved in the electric vehicle sector in Scotland and across the UK, and has regularly been invited to write articles on EVs and battery tech, discuss charging infrastructure roll-out strategies with local authorities, and present at national conferences and government workshops.  Consequently, Euan's contacts and project experience cover a broad range of areas within the fields of battery research, energy storage, transport decarbonisation, and the battery supply chain and recycling.

This experience has provided Euan with an understanding of the full picture of - and links between – all of the aforementioned topics, from fundamental battery electrochemistry, to how this can be successfully integrated into energy and transport applications, and how the usage of the latter impacts the health of the former.

So, what can Plug Life Consulting offer you?

Plug Life Consulting Ltd expertise and c

Plug Life Consulting is able to offer advice and support on projects relating to battery electrochemistry (including the latest developments, degradation mechanisms, ways to improve lifespan, and which chemistries are best suited to specific applications), smart cell instrumentation, battery pack design optimisation, lab construction, electric vehicles (whether design optimisation or finding makes and models that suit your requirements), energy storage systems, charging infrastructure deployment and public outreach.

Clients range from academia, industry, business, government organisations, local authorities, media, social enterprises and community groups.


So, if you have a project that requires some of this expertise, get in touch at

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