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Electric Vehicles You'll Wish You'd Boug
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Plug Life Television has conducted numerous live talks for keynote speeches at conferences and public outreach events.  Many of the talks feature exclusive live content  that cannot be found in episodes of Plug Life Television online.  Talks include:

Electric vehicles - you'll wish you'd bought one sooner: a first-hand account of living with an EV, with some eye-opening information on just how economically and environmentally beneficial EVs are vs a petrol or diesel car.   A good dose of myth-busting proves that EVs are already the best form of transport for just about anyone.  The original recording from 2018 is the only live talk currently available on the Plug Life Television YouTube channel, but live talks presented today feature the latest information from a fast-evolving sector.

Under The Bonnet: an in-depth look at EV battery technology, how reliable it is, how much it has improved since the first wave of modern EVs and where it is heading in the near future.  It also takes a look at common concerns around materials and recyclability, proving that these matters are already being swiftly dealt with.  Industry-focused variants of this talk also look at global battery manufacturing capacity, which cell chemistries are likely to be adopted by which sectors and in what timeframe.

Energy storage technologies: technically, how good are they?: an insight into the battery technology behind domestic and building-scale energy storage units, how they have evolved, how they are managed and low long they will last, with some top tips for prospective buyers.

Watt Barriers?  Balancing the rapid charge to electric vehicles: the latest live talk in the series, which looks at how we can balance the grid, materials, social mobility and government budgets in the transition to decarbonised transport for all.

All talks are available to book for keynote speeches at conferences and public outreach events.

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