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Plug Life Racing

Plug Life Racing poster.jpg

Inspired by Formula E holding a virtual series during the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of familiar faces from the EV YouTube world have grouped together to form the EV Tubers' Championship, a series of virtual Formula E races that will be livestreamed every Sunday evening.  Points will be awarded from 1st to 10th place in the usual Formula E format, but with the addition of 5 points for fastest lap and 5 points for anyone who avoids getting any penalties for collisions or cutting corners during the race.  Plug Life Racing is one of the teams taking part, with Euan at the wheel.  Plug Life Racing got off to a blistering start, winning the four test rounds of the Championship, despite having been spun out in first lap incidents in two races and not realised that the race had started in another!  After four "official" rounds of the championship, Plug Life Racing is currently in second place in the standings.

Participants include Chris Ramsey of Plug In Adventures, Nick Raimo of EV Nick and Mark "InkSharkman," the creative genius behind many episodes of Fully Charged and Jonny Smith's "Car Pervert" channel.  Many participants are livestreaming their own race feeds, most of which can be found at

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