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Race reports

Highlights, video clips and results from the most memorable races of the championship.

Round 1: Silverstone

Result: 2nd

The first race of the championship saw a grid of 10 cars taking part at the home of the British Grand Prix.  Aaron (Awesometown) got off to a solid start and held the lead for the opening few laps before eventually being overtaken by veteran SIM racer Jamie (Jeege8590).  Euan from Plug Life Racing eventually followed to take second place, and somehow managed to keep his lap times to within about 1.5 seconds of the far more experienced leader of the pack.  Silverstone is one of Mark's (InkSharkman) favourite circuits, and it showed as he won a hard fought battle with Aaron to take 3rd place.

Round 2: Lime Rock

Result: 1st

Lime Rock provided plenty of flat out action, with a series of battles taking place throughout the field.  After a scrappy start, Euan (PlugLifeRcg) worked his way through the field and reeled in frontrunner Jamie (Jeege8590) .  For a good few laps, if Euan and Jamie weren't running nose to tail, they were side by side, on a circuit with many high speed corners.  Although it was shaping up to be a photo finish, this was sadly denied when Jamie got out of shape with a couple of laps to go, handing the victory to Euan and Plug Life Racing.  Euan also managed to secure fastest lap for 5 extra points.

Round 3: Virginia Patriot Alt

Result: Disqualified

Wow, that was carnage!  The proverbial hit the fan at the first corner of the first lap and continued to wheech off of said fan in every direction for just about the entirety of the race.  The whole grid turned into a hybrid of dodgems and ride-on lawnmowers, with cones, advertising boards and bits of carbon fibre flying everywhere as every single driver grossly underestimated how tight and twisty this variant of the Virginia circuit actually is.  Such was the chaos that most participants led the race for at least a brief period of time!  Euan (PlugLifeRcg) was disqualified halfway through the second lap for accruing 12 seconds of time penalties for cutting corners and "avoidable" collisions, but having rejoined the action in spectator mode, the race provided brilliant entertainment.  In the end, three of the ten drivers were disqualified, and everyone else had several seconds of time penalties against their name.  Jamie (Jeege8590) eventually made it to the front, settled into a rhythm and won comfortably, with Aaron (Awesometown) and Mark (InkSharkman) completing the podium.


Round 4: Long Beach

Result: 2nd

The chaos of Round 3, combined with the usual reverse grid formation for the following race, put Plug Life Racing at the front of the field.  A speedy getaway ensured that Euan (PlugLifeRcg) avoided the traditional chaos of the tight first couple of corners on Long Beach, whilst the order of the rest of the field changed rapidly due to a series of collisions.  Euan accrued an almost ten second lead by lap 3, but then Jamie (Jeege8590) made it clear of the midfield battle and into second.  It became immediately apparent that Jamie was closing in at about 1.5 seconds per lap, with 6 laps remaining, and those maths didn't bode well for Plug Life Racing.  A last ditch attempt to stay in front resulted in an aborted attempt to take Turn 1, with an emergency handbrake turn to slide side-on into the tyre wall, which was enough for Jamie to finally complete the overtake and take the win, with Mark (InkSharkman) in third.  Two drivers were disqualified and everyone else had time penalties by the end of the race; Aaron (Awesometown) was just 0.25 seconds of penalties - i.e. the slightest nudge or a ever-so-slightly-too-big bite of an inside kerb - away from being disqualified, but maintained enough of a gap to Chris (PlugInAdventure) to hold onto 4th.

Round 5: Laguna Seca

Result: 3rd

Round 5 introduced Nikki (QueenieWoof) to the grid, and presented an unexpected shot a victory for Plug Life Racing when Jamie (Jeege8590) suffered a steering wheel failure on the grid and had to spend the rest of the race making up for lost time.  Out in front, Euan, Mark and Aaron had a hard-fought battle for the win, but too many cut corners resulted in a hefty time penalty for Euan.  Even when he did get into the lead, he couldn't extend it by enough to keep Mark and Aaron from winning after time penalties were applied.  A mistake on the final lap let Mark through on track anyway to take his first win of the season.

In a race of attrition, 6 of the 11 drivers did not finish, and everyone picked up time penalties.

Round 6: Brands Hatch Indy

Result: 2nd

Plug Life Racing took advantage of some first corner chaos to move into a commanding lead, with Jamie (Jeege8590) stuck in the midfield.  Eventually, Jamie picked his way through the competition to second place and started reeling in Euan.  With the pressure on, Euan made a mistake that wiped out most of his six second lead, and it was almost inevitable that Jamie would find a way past to take the victory.

Round 7: Road Atlanta (full)

Result: 2nd

This race saw a prolonged dogfight between Euan and Jamie, which lasted several laps.  To keep the lead, Euan knew he'd have to go big or go home.  Unfortunately he went too big, running wide onto the grass at the far side of the circuit, allowing Jamie a free pass to victory.

Round 8: Virginia Patriot Alt

Result: 3rd

Round 8 saw a return to Virginia, and this time we were all better prepared.  Even still, there was plenty of chaos throughout the field, culminating in Kevin being the only driver to avoid any time penalties.  Jamie took the win and fastest lap, with Plug Life Racing coming home in 3rd place behind Mark from RamSharkle Racing.


Round 9: Hockenheim short

Result: 2nd

This race followed the familiar pattern of Plug Life Racing gaining a strong early lead, which was eventually eroded by Jamie from eVolt Racing, who went on to take the win.  Nobody avoided time penalties for collisions or cut corners, and Euan racked up the most of these penalties during the race: 14!

Round 10: Nurburgring full

Result: 2nd

The EV Tubers' Championship ramped up the challenge with two gruelling laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife.  Having got off to a commanding lead, Euan was gradually reeled in by the more experienced SIM racer Jamie, who went on to take the win.  The difference between the fastest and slowest drivers' best lap times was 1 minute 22 seconds!


On the plus side, Euan picked up 5 extra points for having no time penalties by the end of the race.




Round 11: Maple Valley full

Result: 2nd

This race had victory for Plug Life Racing written all over it: a fast and flowing circuit that was more suited to Euan's driving style than Jamie's.  Alas, it wasn't to be in the end, with Jamie finally catching up with and passing Euan with 1 lap to go.  Jamie further extended his championship lead by avoiding any time penalties and gainin the fastest lap.

Such was the fast pace of the race leaders and the number of crashes further back in the field, only six drivers finished the race.

Round 12: Top Gear Circuit full

Result: 1st

The EV Tubers' Championship added a level of danger with the figure-of-8 Top Gear Circuit, which features a dangerous crossroad where race leaders could easily be wiped out by backmarkers.  The race started with a tight 4-way battle for the lead between Euan, Jamie, Mark and Aaron.  After a couiple of laps, Jamie took the lead, only to be wiped out by a backmarker at the crossroads.  Plenty more high speed collisions ensued, with Euan ultimately emerging the winner of a chaotic race with only six finishers, all of whom had penalties.

Round 13: Suzuka

Result: 2nd

Round 14: Prague Reverse

Result: 2nd

One of Euan's favourite circuits, but victory was ultimately lost at the start due to coming off worst in a first corner pileup.  The race was close between Mark, Jamie and Euan throughout, until Jamie spun and sustained too much damage to continue fighting for the lead.  Mark won the race by four seconds, with Euan in second place.

Further down the field, a clash on the start/finish straight resulted in Bob and Chris pushing each other into the pits!

Round 15: Yas Marina Corkskrew

Result: 2nd

Another first corner incident saw Euan facing sideways out of Turn 1, and the game in its infinite wisdom applied a hefty time penalty that left Euan on probation.  As a result, caution had to be exercised to salvage any points from the race.  The slow and steady approach worked, picking up second place, a full minute behind Jamie, but 20 seconds ahead of 3rd placed Aaron.

Round 16: Top Gear Circuit full

Result: 3rd

On our second visit to the Top Gear circuit, the drivers were more cautious at the crossover, but still had a few near-misses and the occasional huge smash that shook up the order.  By far the most spectacular incident was Bob's quadruple barrel roll on the approach to the crossover, ruining any chance he had of a decent points haul.  The incident was caught on Jan-Bart's livestream.

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